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Homemade Droog Costume from A Clockwork Orange

As this film has a curious plot and an extravagant cast of characters, a droog costume seemed fitting for this Halloween. I’ve had this costume since last year but hadn’t tried it with this make-up before and worked a treat! (or trick)

I bought the bowler hat, groin-guard & bracers online for a total of less than 10, the shirt from a high-street shop for 15, the boots from a local shoe-seller which I got for 50 and the jeans for 15 also from a high-street shop. The walking stick I actually made myself by buying a wooden broom handle for 0.75c and door-stoppers for 0.50c each & painting it black. The eye you can see on my cuff came with 2 of the masks I actually purchased from an eBay seller which he was kind enough to send along with them, which came to about 50 also but I didn’t wear a mask that night, as you can see  (the masks from the rape scene, the long-nosed one and the green goblin-looking one).

To be frank, the party I attended was focused more on  ‘creatures of the night’ you might say, rather than psychological triggers, like vampires, zombies and ghosts, so in that sense it got a lot of attention because I stood out in all my whiteness. Laughter and intrigue were of the most notable reactions from it, as the make-up gave it that originality, rather than the common extended eye-lashes Alex De Large sports from the film.

An extremely fun experience to be dressed like a character from such a cult-classic like A Clockwork Orange and although the costume wasn’t exactly too cheap to gather altogether, it’s worth it.

Homemade Droog Costume from A Clockwork Orange

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