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A Clockwork Orange Group Halloween Costume

The idea for this Clockwork Orange group Halloween costume came from my friend (Aaron) and my favorite cult film. My birthday is on Halloween and we wanted to do something new and different. Thus the idea of A Clockwork Orange was born. Aaron thought this would be a great group idea. I searched online for jumpsuits and found them quite expensive. I decided I could make the canes at work because I work in a metal shop. I then found bowler hats and suspenders online cheap. I found white button up shirts at a second hand store for Aaron and me.

Next I just needed someone to help finish the clothes part.  I ran the idea by my seamstress friend (Andrea) and she fell in love with the idea and wanted to join, since she also loves the movie. I made her a cane the next day at work. Andrea found a glass knob on eBay for under $3 and ordered it. It arrived in time and her husband screwed it in to the top of her cane. This only left creating the pants and the cod pieces. Andrea helped clean out her mother-in-laws house and found white dingy fabric to make the rest of the idea come to life. A late night trip to her house was in order for measuring, fitting, and adjusting. Aaron’s was started first because he lives over an hour and a half from my house. My wife traced Aaron’s pants for a pattern and cut them out, followed by mine.

And now a note from Andrea:

I was approached by my good friends Derek and Aaron about helping them make Clockwork Orange costumes for Halloween and was asked if I would join them in dressing up. Being a fan of the cult classic A Clockwork Orange and dressing up in costume I readily agreed! All of the following items I constructed I did without a pattern.

Using a pair of pants from each of the men I traced a similar shape onto the fabric and stitched them together, adding pockets to Derek’s pants and a simple waistband to each. Their cod pieces were shaped from the pockets from an old pair of cut-up vinyl pants, extra fabric from the pants went into making the waistbands. An old pillow was torn apart to “stuff” their pieces. For my outfit there is no definite pattern or picture of what a girl would wear as part of the “entourage”. I decided to use a simple, high slit mini skirt over a pair of vintage style bloomers.

The skirt was simply two pieces of fabric, hemmed with an elastic waistband added to the top. The bloomers were cut without the use of a pattern, hemmed short and gathered with a black ribbon. As I would not wear a cod piece, I went with a simple under bust corset. I took four lengths of fabric layered and stitched vertical folded seams around the length of the fabric to make up for the lack of actual boning. For the purposes of lacing, I still had some lengths of d-rings riveted to lace that I sewed to the ends of the under bust and then tied with a white boot string. I then added white thigh-high stockings, black boots and a black bra which I already had in my closet, along with my white shirt that I had from a previous job in retail. It was also a very comfortable outfit.

Unfortunately for us, and all of our hard work, we missed the local Halloween contest by just 10 minutes. Many of the patrons at the bar tried to get us in at the last minute stating that we had some of the best costumes they had ever seen. Several people knew exactly who we were immediately…several more, after seeing our costumes and not knowing what were, were planning on watching the movie in the very near future!


A Clockwork Orange Group Halloween Costume

A Clockwork Orange Group Halloween Costume

A Clockwork Orange Group Halloween Costume

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