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Girl Version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange

I was in Florence, Italy for Halloween last year and they’re not big on the holiday over there so costumes were rare to come by. I decided to put my own together and I always loved the outfits from A Clockwork Orange so I decided to be the girl version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange .

I borrowed my friend’s white pants, and used my own dark combat boots. I found the white shirt for 7 euro (about $10) at a vintage store. I found a costume accessories and makeup shop which had the hat and suspenders for a bit of a steep price of 16 euro combined.  These items would be much easier to come by in the states so I’d say I could have probably found it all for less than $20.

Lastly, I used eyeliner to make the effect of the extra long eyelashes.

This was a great last-minute costume that I put together, and some Italians even knew who I was!

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