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Coolest Alex from Clockwork Orange Halloween Costume

This is a costume I have been wanting to do for a couple years now so I just went ahead and did it this year! I’m into a lot of obscure movies with Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange being on the Top 5 list. I wanted to do a female version of Alex which was a simple enough idea – replace pants with a skirt.

I’m not good at sewing or anything like that so my homemade costume came from using what I have and spending a little on what I don’t. I bought a bowler hat and cane from Spirit Halloween. The skirt was a really lucky find on eBay after months of searching that looked exactly the way I had pictured in my head, suspenders and all. (I kept the suspenders hanging down rather than over my shoulders, though, just for comfort reasons.) I bought the shirt at a Goodwill. To wrap it all up, I used some of my black leggings and little black shoes. The eyelashes on my right eye were drawn on with eyeliner…

and – tada! Viddy well, li’l brotha, viddy well…

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  1. my little 16 year old girl want’s to dress like this for Halloween. I mentioned that the only people to know where it comes from are going to be the teachers.


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