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Coolest Alex from the Clockwork Orange Costume

I really enjoyed the movie Clockwork Orange and I had always talked about dressing up as the main character for Halloween at some point, but never really got around to putting it all together in time year after year.

This year though, Halloween is on a Friday and there are lots of parties, so I have been a little more motivated and I really had a lot of fun seeking out all the parts for this Alex from the Clockwork Orange costume.

I found a hat at the dollar store, bought the shirt, pants, boots, cane (half of a curtain rod *lol*) at Value Village and bought a new cup at Sport Chek (used ones just aren’t the same). The eyes on the sleeves are made from a couple of wind-up eyeballs I got at another dollar store, I used a glue gun to attach them to the sleeves.

All told I probably spend about $60 on the costume so I am pretty happy with the results! The only thing missing in this picture to complete the look is are the accented eyelashes on the right eye – I am going to do this for Halloween, but it is still a week away – I may send another pic in with that done at a later date.

I am really getting excited to see people’s reactions to it on Halloween!

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1 thought on “Coolest Alex from the Clockwork Orange Costume”

  1. I’m also going as Alex this year! I wore the costume last night to a party & everyone LOVED it… except the stupid girl who thought I was Charlie Chaplin.

    Since I’m a girl, and wasn’t gonna pay the $100 for a codpiece, I went to American Apparel & got a mini skirt to hook the suspenders onto & wore sexy back knee-high boots (was going to get them anyway).

    For fun I added a plastic knife that retracts when you stab it – What a great mood & only $2.50 at a Halloween store. Have fun droog!


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