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Coolest Homemade Clockwork Orange Costume

Like the others, I also had wanted to do this costume for a while. I am a big fan of the film, so for a NYE heroes and villains party I decdided to go all out on it.

The shirt was an old white creased shirt I’ve had for a while, the trousers i got from a designer/past seasons outlet store – cost £17
(they are actually Pierre Cardin)

Bowler hat/stick and braces from a costume shop – props cost about £15 the lot

Plain white tee underneath, £5.

Black boots from a cheap shoe shop, £12. I used eyeliner from the girlfriend for the right eye, which then took a few days to completely come off – got some strange looks around town I can tell you.

All in all it worked really well, got some good laughs at the party and felt the business. Strangers in the street were also laughing when we saw in the New Year at 12pm.

Go for it is my advice to anyone who wants to try this, easy enough and cost about £50 the lot, although this could be done a lot more cheaply if so desired.

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