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Hand Crocheted Snow Angel Cat Costume

Well my first issue with the hand-crocheted angel cat costume was finding yarn that my cat would immediately try to murder. He’s worn costumes of mine before and absolutely despises a small thin yarn because it gets tangled so easily. So this year I went with a thick chunky white yarn that he actually doesn’t hate.

I used a ten mm hook instead of the recommended 15 to get a tighter stitch that would stay together and not get clawed apart.

The costume is made up almost entirely of single crochets with a few doubles to start new rows and get the roundness at the top. After I finished crocheting the wings I worked on a harness. I made it as thin as possible so that he wouldn’t be stuck still the whole night. I attached it to a crocheted collar.

My problem was the halo. I knew I wanted it but I wasn’t sure how to do it. In the end it still doesn’t stick up quite right, but my brother and I had to fight to keep the pipe cleaners out of our cat’s mouth.

His name is Lord Caspian of Colorado Esquire III, so it had to be able to stand up to his name. So we added bells. Now he’s our lovely little snow angel cat and we adore him more than anything. It isn’t perfect but I did my best on it and I’m proud!

Hand crocheted angel cat
Caspian turns around, realizing that is in fact outdoors and he hates it.

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