Almost nine months ago my daughter told me she wanted to be a weeping angel for Halloween. For those of you that don’t know, a Weeping Angel is basically a stone angel statue when you are looking at it, but when you look away, WATCH OUT! I originally just humored her with a “sure, honey, no problem. We’ve got time”. Not really realizing that I really didn’t have as much time as I thought. Every piece was trial and error. I can honestly say that I made each piece twice,totally screwing up the first attempt. The wings were certainly the hardest. For a TRUE weeping angel costume, you couldn’t just simply buy some angel wings from the party store and paint them gray.

The dress was a basic top and skirt pattern from Jo Ann fabrics – modified for our needs. I should add here that I really don’t know how to sew, learning how to thread the machine was even a challenge. The wig was the only thing that we purchased “pre-made”, but changed it to suit our needs. The arms were gray knit tights with fingers sewn into each hand and then painted. The wings were constructed with foam core, a small light weight wood backing, coat hangers and LOTS AND LOTS of hot glue. Two loops of strong elastic were attached to the board as arm loops. My biggest concern was weight. Halloween wasn’t going to be fun if after 10 minutes she was tired from all the weight on her shoulders.

I should add here that a LOT of time was spent online looking at CosPlay websites and other people who have made Weeping Angel costumes in Adult sizes. MANY MANY thanks to all of those folks.

The look of stone is made with dark and light gray paint for highlights, and “stone spray paint”. The wings were also sprayed with a can of popcorn ceiling to give it texture and more of a three dimensional look. Final touch was a heavy coating of white and gray makeup. Took hours to wash all that stuff off! I don’t know if we would have done this if Halloween hadn’t been on a Friday night.

She was the TALK of the neighborhood, even if NO ONE knew who or what she was. Seeing the look on her face was worth the months of effort.