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The Best Heavenly Angel Costume for Babies

A little background:  It was very difficult to come up with a costume for our 18 month old daughter.  Not only is she very tiny and delayed in her development, but she also has sensory issues.  With all that said, I had to come up with a way to transport her without having to carry her the whole night, but it had to be a way that she would be happy with. She is definitely in that I don’t want to be confined stage, but it’s difficult because she wants to be on the ground, but like I said she doesn’t walk yet.  I originally had several ideas for her, but nothing I came up seemed to please both of us lol.  I am all about the “perfect” costume for my kids for that specific year.  The most fitting costume for her would be an angel costume, but I had a hard time committing to an angel as it’s not a very original costume and I don’t like to take my kids out with the chance that someone else might have the same costume.  An angel was the perfect fit for her because in her short 18 month life, she has proven to truly be a miracle!  She’s had lots of medical issues and has over come most of them including 2 holes in her heart.

This costume was very simple!  We already had the dress, so we just had to find a matching long sleeve shirt for under, as here in Indiana, it’s cold in October lol.  The only shirt I could find was to a Christmas outfit, so I safety pinned some silver garland I had to the sleeves and to cover the decoration on the neck of it.

I made her wings by cutting “half moon” shapes out of paper plates.  I cut 2 moons out of each plate using 8 plates, so I had 16 pieces.  I then layed them out and hot glued them to full size paper plate.  I bent a wire hanger to form a straight wire with a halo at the top.  I glued this to the back side of the center of the wings and then hot glued another paper plate on the top of the main one.  I then decorated her wings using some silver glitter glue and more silver garland around the halo.

After designing her outfit, I felt that a simple angel costume was not enough.  I brought our metal wagon in the house and draped a blue blanket over it.  I then decided I wanted it to look like an angel sitting in the clouds.  I used some balloons, then did a layer of paper mache over them, and then taped them together.  I then used spray glue to cover the balloons in pillow filling.  I mad 2 separate clouds.  I used 3 balloons for one cloud and 2 balloons for a second cloud.  I then purchased 2 battery operated paper lanterns from the dollar store and used the spray glue to cover them in pillow filling, so that they would light up and look more angelic.

I then needed to come up with a way to strap her into the wagon as she would be standing and crawling out the whole night if she wasn’t confined, but it had to be something that wouldn’t smash her wings.  I used my 3 year olds booster seat he uses at the kitchen table.  I strapped the seat around the wagon so it wouldn’t come out.  I then layed a layer of pillow filling over it so that the seat wasn’t visible.   I started arranging the clouds in the wagon.  I secured the clouds with white thread tying the thread around the wagon to make sure the clouds wouldn’t come out.  Next, I used the spay adhesive and pieces of pillow filling to cover all the blue on the blanket and any and all spaces between the clouds I had made.  It was a sticky mess all over my hands and took me a couple of days to get all the glue and fuzz off of my hands lol.  I also made a small whole in the pillow filling that covered the booster seat so that I could pull the straps out to strap her into the seat.

My favorite part of her costume was the light up lanterns.  They were so pretty in the dark.  If I was to make this costume again I would use paper lanterns for all of the clouds and would have skipped the mess of the balloons and paper mache.

I got so many compliments on her costume.  Everyone thought it was adorable and it was so fitting for her.  I couldn’t even count the number of compliments I got or the number of people that I let take pictures of it.  I was very pleased with the way it turned out.

It was a simple costume, but turned out Heavenly!!  She won a prize in a costume contest for the most original costume.

The Best Heavenly Angel Costume for Babies

The Best Heavenly Angel Costume for Babies

The Best Heavenly Angel Costume for Babies

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