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Coolest Baby Angel Costume

I found a cool baby owl costume on the this site. But I really didn’t have time to make it. So I took the idea and simplified it to make a baby angel costume for my 12 week old son.

1. I purchased 2 yards of nylon tule, 20 oz. of poly-fiber fill, 1/2 yard of faux fur fleece, and silver pipe cleaners (all for less than $15) at the craft store. I had planned to make wings from cardboard, but found a pair for $1 at the local dollar discount store that I could modify.

2. I spread the tule out; spread half the fiber fill on the tule; put a white foot tub (approx. 12″x10″), which I already owned, in the middle of the tule; pile remaining fiber fill in and around foot tub.

3. I pulled the corners of the tule together and tied a piece of string around the gathered corners. Then I carefully pulled and pushed the fiber fill around a bit so no parts of the foot tub really showed. This completed the “cloud”.

4. I dressed the baby in a plain white nightgown and white socks, which we also had already. Then I placed him sitting up in the tub (the fiber fill would have easily hidden a support blanket had one been necessary).

5. I quickly whip-stitched the faux fur fleece around the dollar store wings. Before I closed the stitch, I stuffed a small amount of fiber fill left from making the cloud into the wings to give them a “fluffy” look, and to help cushion the baby.

6. Finally, I fashioned a halo from pipe cleaners. Then I fastened it around the middle of the wings so it would appear to float above baby’s head. And I placed what was left of the faux fur fleece over the baby’s “lap/legs”, which looked nice and added warmth (it’s chilly around here at Halloween).

This was the easiest, quickest, and cheapest costume I’ve done yet. We ONLY do homemade costumes. So I’ve put a lot of work into them. This one was an exception to that rule. It can also be used for a small pet!

Baby Angel Costume

Baby Angel Costume

Baby Angel Costume

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