Coolest Homemade Boy Fairy Costume

I made this Homemade Boy Fairy Costume, apart from the wings which I bought, when I couldn’t find anything I liked. I modeled it after “Terrance” from Tinkerbell. So he is a Sparrow Man which is a fancy way of saying a ‘Boy Fairy’.

My biggest fear was that it would turn out too girly or look awful. Envisioning something and actually making it are two different things. This costume was a last minute decision and I only had one day in which to make it; I didn’t even have a chance to try it on him so had no idea how it was going to look when I put all the pieces together.

Cutting the shirts I bought from a thrift shop was scary. (If I did it wrong and cut too much, I was in trouble and, since it was the night before, I wouldn’t have time to search for replacements.) The overshoot turned out to be too big so I ended up cutting out a strip from under the arms and down the sides, and then hot- gluing it back together. I could have avoided that if I had found a brown shirt with a collar that was nearer his size.

The boot shoe covers were a bit of a challenge and I wish I had found a site to give me some tips. Velcro would have helped too, but it’s 15 miles to town and I didn’t think of it while we were there. Not having any larger pieces of material, I used felt squares; however a single square was too small to cover my son’s shoes and I had to use 2 pieces for each – one for the foot and one for the top.

I laced up the back of the top part and folded over a generous piece. I tucked 2 leaves under the front of the fold and hot-glued them in place. I added a feather doodad to the sides of the boots. It would have been nice if the boot tops had Velcro to close. I had to put them on before his shoes and then stretch the elastic band underneath.

I made the belt out of the same felt and should have had Velcro for that too. About halfway through Trick or Treating, it fell down around Daniel’s ankles. I pulled it back up and it lasted until the last house before it fell again. He was wiggling when I hot-glued it closed but I didn’t get it tightly fastened, having burnt my fingers on the first attempt.

The hat was easy and I liked it almost as much as the acorn one I saw at the Halloween store where I bought the wings. I bought the hat for $1, laced some twine around the brim, rolled some brown felt to make a stem and stuck it on with my trusty hot glue gun. I then glued 2 leaves to the front (top) of the hat and one to the back. I spent less than $5.00 on the whole hat, (a sum which also included the pack of leaves used on the boots and jacket too), and the Halloween store wanted $17 for theirs. Outrageous!

The wings were my biggest worry. I wanted smaller ones, but they were all too girly and not the dragonfly/fairy-shaped ones that I had in mind. They were adult size and, relying on the ribbons that came with them to hold them up, was not going to work for a 2 year old. I spent hours obsessing over how to attach the wings. I read several suggestions on the internet; one suggestion that sounded perfect was to buy some webbing and belts that click together to make a harness.

I was debating whether to go into town when it occurred to me that I had something that might just work: one of those harness/leash things for toddlers. Now the trick was how to attach the wings. I took 2 pieces of ribbon and hot-glued them to the inside of the harness. Then I taped it all together for added support. I threaded the ribbons through small slits I made in the back of the shirt and tied them in crisscross fashion over the center support on the wings. I threaded the ribbons that came with the wings through the outside shirt using the same holes. Had he been older and more patient, I would have threaded them through the inside shirt too so they didn’t show. I crisscrossed those around his chest to spread the weight out even more. He didn’t seem bothered by the weight on both sides at all. In fact he was so comfortable with them you would have thought he was born with wings.

The entire Homemade Boy Fairy Costume cost me about $35 and it’s doing double duty because I’m going to have him wear it at the Renaissance fair later this month.

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Boy Fairy Costume”

  1. Absolutely amazing! Im trying to find some ideas to make a fairy costume for a baby boy, a friend of mine is a photographer and she has the most adorable outfits for the girls, tutus galore! pretty head bands, but we’re looking for something for the boys! and i may have a go at making it!
    so cute! love it!
    tracy symonds milton keynes england xx

  2. This is adorable. I’m looking for ideas because my 2 1/2 year old keeps saying he wants to be the tooth fairy for Halloween..and why shouldn’t he? Whoever said that tooth fairies were “only” girls?? Right?

  3. I have looked everywhere for a boy fairy costume for my son to wear to the renaissance festival. I think this idea is great. you did a wonderful job. it is a shame that costume companies feel as if only girls can be a fairy and do not make boy fairy costumes. my son is 5 and it is his idea to wear a fairy costume. I think costume companies are missing out. I hope the costume I am attempting to make comes out as well as yours. I am going to use your idea to cover his shoes. thanks ever so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks so very much for sharing! My daughter is having a dress up fairy party for her bday and I was looking for ideas for my son, so he wouldn’t feel left out. Totally awesome! Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. I am so thrilled to see this costume. My little boy of 4 (also called Daniel) is obsessed with fairies, and really wants to wear a fairy costume this year. Everone keeps telling me it’s not appropriate – but your costume proves them absolutely wrong.
    This is amazing. What a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m so happy not to be the only mom whose son wants to be a fairy! He wanted a costume like his baby sister’s (she’s Tinkerbell), but there’s no way I would let him deal with the reactions to a boy in a Tinkerbell costume at this age (almost 4). This is not the time to have his creativity squelched by unimaginative people! I showed him this and he LOVED it. Thank you!


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