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Coolest Homemade Building Blocks Costume for Halloween

I got the idea of the letter block because my son is obsessed with letters! This costume was very inexpensive and one of many easy Halloween costumes for children. All you have to do is go to Uhaul and purchase two 1 cubic foot square boxes. They cost about $1 each. Then go to Micheals and buy three cans of flat based acrylic spray paint, one light tan color for the base and two different colors of your choice for the letters. You will also need to buy spray adhesive that dries instantly and duck tape.

When you get home spray paint one box light tan all over. While that is drying get the other box and use it to cut out the letters and the borders as you see in the picture. Then use the other cans of paint to spray the letters. While those are drying get the box that is all tan. Get a black sharpie marker and decide on what pictures you want to use for the sides. Keep it simple. I used a web and a spider for the letters W and S. Draw your pictures on two sides opposite of each other.

The next step is gluing on the borders and the letters. Use the duck take for the straps. Cut two strips of duck tape for each shoulder. Tape back to back. Then use more duck tape to secure the straps down on the inside of the box. You now have a cute unique costume.

Total Spent: $20

Coolest Halloween Costumes for Children
Coolest Halloween Costumes for Children

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