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Cool DIY Great White Shark Costume with Chomping Mouth!

My son wanted to a great white shark costume for Halloween. I want to encourage his love of marine life and DIY crafting, so he helped in construction whenever possible. I wasn’t about to let my kindergartener work the hot glue gun though.

Our great white shark costume goals were: 1) working mouth; 2) he could go to the bathroom in it without help; 3) realistic depiction of a shark (He did not want to be Baby Shark).

The head is an old shoebox covered in gray felt. My son painted the inside of the mouth and teeth. We rigged a mechanism to pull the mouth shut using, appropriately enough, fishing line. The body of the shark is also made out of gray felt. We cut hand holes into the pectoral fins and cut it at the waistline in front to comply with goal #2 (no pun intended).

Gray pants and felt shoe covers create the illusion of fins from the front. He also has a “tailcoat” fin shaped with wire that you can see from the side or behind. My son cut out white felt triangles which I sewed to a cloth face mask so that he can comply with mask mandates stylishly.

It’s the first Halloween that my son had the ability to really help make his costume, and I’m so proud of the outcome!

This is great white shark costume is a costume you can really sink your teeth into.

Fun Facts: Found in cool, coastal waters around the world, great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth. They grow to an average of 15 feet in length, though specimens exceeding 20 feet and weighing up to 5,000 pounds have been recorded.

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