Coolest DIY Mother-Daughter Costume – Cicada and Nymph

Coolest DIY Mother-Daughter Costume - Cicada and Nymph

Here’s the story behind our DIY Mother-Daughter costume… The world’s largest emergence of periodical cicadas occurred this spring in the mid-Atlantic and eastern Midwest regions of the United States. We live in Maryland, and our neighborhood was swarming in June. The ground wriggled with brown cicada nymphs clawing their way out of the ground, the … Read more

Cool DIY Great White Shark Costume with Chomping Mouth!

Great white shark costume with chomping mouth!

My son wanted to a great white shark costume for Halloween. I want to encourage his love of marine life and DIY crafting, so he helped in construction whenever possible. I wasn’t about to let my kindergartener work the hot glue gun though. Our great white shark costume goals were: 1) working mouth; 2) he … Read more