My 6 year old son Declan is fascinated with sharks. My handmade shark eating child Halloween costume is inspired by my son’s love for sharks and the movie Jaws.

I started off the costume by making a paper mache helmet so he could wear it with comfort and could take the costume on and off with ease (Declan is not a fan of fussy costumes). I proceeded to build on top of the helmet with cardboard. I cut a large oval and cut the centre piece out and folded it in half to create the jaw and built out the body of the frame with newspaper. Once I had the initial shape, I refined and smoothed it out with paper mache.

I made the teeth with a salt dough recipe and glued them to the sharks jaw and finished with a lick of paint. I also made a fin from card and paper mache and attached with elastic string under his arms.

This handmade shark eating child Halloween costume cost me a total of £10 (due to the huge amount of PVA glue required) and took approximately 40 hours to make.