I wanted to create a costume for my 6 month old baby but wanted it too be unique and something I had never seen before. To make the matter more difficult, I also wanted to incorporate using a baby carrier so his costume would be visible, And functional for a six month old.

My idea was to make a costume that looked as though he was being eaten by a friendly, yet hungry shark. I made a pattern out of large pieces of paper and made sure that it would fit up and around the carrier with my sons legs inside (similar to a sleeping bag effect). The costume was made out of felt and lined with thin batting to give the felt more substance. Then, I hand-stitched gills, eyes and attached the fins.  When it was complete, I put my son in the carrier and slid the costume up over his legs and chest and secured the shark to the carrier with safety pins. Viola!

It turned out great and everyone in the neighborhood where we trick-or-treated loved the costume!  My son even fell asleep in the carrier , which made it look even more realistic!