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Get Into a Human Cockfight

Each year I have a big Halloween costume party. This year, the theme was Freak Show. I wanted to have something freaky, but not the typical tatooed woman. I bought a feathered cape on line and was thinking about being a raven. Saw a cheap black lace dress with fringe at a discount store and added it to the collection. But I just could not find a way to do a proper raven face without a mask.

Then it hit me! I have been in the Dominican Republic on vacation and saw a cockfight ring. When I thought of it, I yelled out in to my boyfriend – “I know what I what I can be for the party, a cockfight!” He said “That’s not funny.”  I said, “That’s freaking hilarious!”

Days later, I was in a Halloween store and saw the huge feathered “Las Vegas” show girl head dress. Bought it and added the rooster comb and wattle by cutting up this bright red bubble shirt someone gave me. Picked up some yellow tights, hightop black tennis shoes and a bright red pair of boxing gloves!

Did my own face with high quailty face paint, so it could survive the night of MCing a party. No one recognized me until I laughed. I boxed around the party all night. It was a comfortable, high impact costume that no one else had! Cock-a-doddle-do!

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