Female Edward Scissorhands Costume

I really didn’t want to follow the popular trend and be a sexy superhero or villain, so Edward Scissorhands it was.

The Costume

  • I bought a black corset that had buckles, and a black wig and liquid skin (for the scars).
  • I made my own Scissorhands out of foam cardboard and a pair of black gloves.
  • I traced the outline of big scissors onto the foam cardboard cut and super-glued them to the gloves.

The Makeup

  • The makeup was the fun part! I put Elmer’s glue on my eyebrows, letting it dry between two coats.
  • I used a foundation that was a little lighter than my complexion all over my face, lips and neck area.
  • To make a sad face, I used dark plum eye shadow and white eyeliner to make my eyes pop.
  • The scars were quite easy with the liquid skin. Paint it on the areas you want a scar.
  • Line lips with eyeliner and add eye shadow color in just the middle part of them to make it appear like you have pouty lips.
  • Use dark blush to bring out your cheekbones. And you’re done.

Female Edward Scissorhands Costume