My birthday is Halloween so every year I’m tasked to create an epic costume. For years, my college friends would joke with me saying I’m like Dobby and so finally, I decided to actually be Dobby and their reactions were priceless.

In order to go all out on my Dobby the House Elf costume I had to use a latex bald cap and latex ear extensions.

I cut up a pillow case (which is exactly what Dobby wears) and wore that. Thankfully I fit!

I hosted a huge Halloween/birthday party and people were stunned and loved my costume! People kept giving me their socks to ‘free me’ and were asking to take pictures all night. I couldn’t smile in any pictures because that wouldn’t look like Dobby so I’m making the weirdest staring faces in all of my pictures! I seriously don’t know how I’m going to top this costume next year…