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40+ Magical DIY Harry Potter Costumes You Can Make at Home

When you step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter, the muggle world melts away. These awesome Harry Potter costumes capture the magic of this truly extraordinary series.

Channel Harry himself by jumping on a nimbus 2000 and chasing a golden snitch. Not only are there awesome Harry Potter clones here, there is a nice selection of golden snitches as well!

Even more sources of DIY costume inspiration can be found from a despondent Moaning Myrtle to a gigantic Hagrid.

In addition, there are some extremely unique DIY costume versions of your favorite characters. Like cool LEGO Harry Potters and an awesome Bride of Voldemort costume.

Be part of this magical world by creating your own homemade Harry Potter costumes. So sit back, sip some butter beer and eat a cauldron cake as you take in these fantastical DIY costumes.


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