I decided to look through pictures for make up ideas this year. White make up has always been a challenge for me. I found a similar picture and went with it.

This is How the Creepy DIY Costume with Orange Hair and Wicked Face was built:

I purchased contacts, a hat, gloves, and a lot of different kinds of make up to try. I went through closets for the clothes. I had one trial run on the make up and was rushing out the door with no time for final touch ups. We went to a casino for an advertised costume contest. A woman in her late fifties pulled me aside to tell me I was gonna give her nightmares tonight. Ha ha, I didn’t think it was scary, maybe freaky. Winners are given for 1-4 place. I was asked to go onto dance floor because I was in the finals, we danced to a song. The winners were announced and our jaws dropped. 1st to school girls and priest, then Tina Turner with exaggerated  fake upper and lower parts tames 2nd – oh wait, apparently she was Wilma from the Flintstones, big robotic guy takes 3rd? We put it together later; it was based on how much you danced. Made much more sense, lesson learned. :)