Every year I try to decide what to make for my Halloween costume, how to think outside the box instead of being the typical vampire, werewolf and all that. So far, I have done pretty well and everyone at school can’t wait to see what I will be each year. One year I made myself Frankenstein’s bride which was fun. Another year I made myself Medusa, so freaky! And last year, I was a broken doll which was mostly make up based.

So, I was pondering upon what to make myself this year and I got it. I had to think of how I could use my drawing skills to create a very detailed look. Half me and half my skeleton! Sounds crazy- right? But I wanted to make it so badly to show it off to everyone at school. So I went to the store, with just 20 bucks in hand. I looked at the paints, thinking it would just be white paint. I couldn’t find ANY white paint. After rechecking the different aisles in the craft section over and over again, I almost gave up. But I still wanted to look, just once more.

Looking, looking, looking, and I found something. It seemed kind of white, so I picked it up. It was glow-in-the dark! That would be amazing for a costume, for trick-or-treating, or even my Halloween party at school! So I picked it up. I also needed a black shirt to do the paint on, along with tights which I could easily find at home. Since I had everything, I got to work, I looked up TONS of skeleton pictures online, how-to’s on drawing skeletons and outlines. I had done the skeletons legs, with tons of shading (with the paint) and a rose twirled around the bone. I took HOURS on that.

When the legs were done, I had to wait about a day for that to dry. I then began working on the ribs, and torso. The drying time was the same too, and I was almost done. I had just got a skeleton glove and my body was finished. Then came the hard part, trying to do my face. I looked up about 100 photos of skeleton faces, to try and make it look cool but also my own. I woke up at 4:00 am on Halloween morning to do my face, and I could barely stay awake. I practically threw myself out of bed, knowing that I wouldn’t get up if I didn’t right then. I got all my makeup, white face paint, eyeliner, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I had one reference photo, and I started drawing half my face.

Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it may seem. I did the eye socket place where the eye would go, and that was okay. But when doing my mouth, I did the line too crooked and messed up the skeleton teeth. I had to fix it after a good five minutes of freaking out and it was all smooth from there. I did my human side of my face too, with blush, mascara, lipstick. My hair was half straight, half curly to show the difference between both sides. I even did my nails, on the skeleton side, glow-in-the dark nail polish with black tips, and on the human side, sparkly pink polish. I did my hair the night before, and I had to sleep straight, but I messed it up totally because I am said to be a wacko sleeper, then had to re-smooth it out in the morning.

The final touch was the red rose on the human side, to match up the rose on my skeleton side twirled around the bone. Finally, I was done. I went to school and got so many shocked reactions. While my teacher was sitting beside me, she looked at my human side only. When I turned around she was shocked too! She thought that I was just plain for Halloween, and I told her that is definitely not the case. Out of everything, the result was awesome, and I absolutely loved making this costume!