This skeleton costume is really easy and economic. You only need black and white face paint, black dress, tights or long socks and mittens. First I made the legs; I took an old pair of black socks and painted the bones. For the arm gloves you do the same. I was making them when my mom called me and told me in Walmart she found skeleton gloves so she bought them for me instead of making my own.

The fun part is painting the face. First you cover all your face with the white paint, I didn’t want my face to look too white so I only put a small cover of white paint. Then I went to the eyes which is really easy because you only paint a circle outline and then cover it all. After that I went to the nose. The tricky part is the mouth bones, in this part I literally had to use make up remover until I liked how I did it. The teeth you only draw lines based on your teeth. For the neck I only took my fingers and did the white lines.

This is a great costume I got many compliments and best of all I didn’t invert lots of money in this.