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Creative Cyber Medusa Homemade Costume

This was a last minute costume.  I had wanted to be Medusa for a while, but could never afford to pull it all together in time. Until last year!  All on the day I was set to help my friends do their makeup and go out for the night. I bought some cyber dread falls from a ‘goth store’ near my place, green ribbons, small and large snakes and green hairspray (1 light, 1 darker).  The rest, I had in my closet (dress, fishnets, makeup, contacts, etc).


  • I slicked my Mohawk back in a ponytail and sprayed my head in the darker hair spray
  • I then covered the top part of my face in green makeup and faded it down my cheeks a bit, using different shades and even some yellow for depth
  • I continued this coloring lightly down the dies of my neck a bit as well
  • I painted my lips a purpley-black and used some old vampire fangs in my mouth
  • Then (this part is what I think makes the costume!), I held an old pair of fishnets over my face and sprayed the lighter hair color over my head and face (close your eyes and hold your breath!)
  • I tied the dread falls and green ribbons in and had my friends help with applying the larger snakes and the glow in the dark ones (we used hairties, bobby pins and hairspray to get them in place)
  • After all of this, I put my lenses in, applied mascara and eyeliner, got dressed, wrapped a huge snake around me and was set to go!

Unfortunately, after all of this hard work, I got to the club too late and missed the costume contest but, I was told by many people I would of won had I made it, which was awesome to hear!

Creative Cyber Medusa Homemade Costume

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