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Couples Sushi and Soy Sauce Halloween Costume

I made this Sushi and Soy Sauce Halloween costume for myself and my boyfriend using a white tube dress some salmon colored cloth that I sewed into a pillow with shimmery ribbon for the “lines” on sushi and a green sash for my seaweed. For my hair accessory I made rosettes of pink “ginger” and green “wasabi” and hot glued it to a barrette and some fake “grass” in the background.

For my boyfriend I used black neoprene material and cut out the shape of the bottle leaving holes for the arms and head. Then I cut out with the same neoprene material, a hat that I measured to fit his head with a red ribbon runner along the top. The kikkoman letters and symbol I drew onto felt, cut out, and glue gunned onto the neoprene “bottle.”

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