For this Ursula the Sea Witch costume I started off with a plain black dress that had a sweatheart top.  Since I am rather petite (and Ursula is huge), I went with a poofy tool skirt. This could easily have been handmade, but I ran out of time. I bought this one at Walmart for about $15. I know it seems a bit pricey, but a piece like this can be re-used for a ton of different future costumes.

Everyone knows Ursula is an octopus, meaning she has 8 apendages, and my human self only has four.  I stuffed plain black knee-high nylons and glued purple buttons on them to create the suction cups. I added suction cups to the tights on my real legs, too. Then, I safety pinned my new legs to my poofy skirt.

The signature necklace and earrings are made out of model magic and some jewelry parts I already had.  I simply teased my hair up and pinned it high, then sprayed it white. I drew on Ursula’s huge black eyebrows and mole with eyeliner and added her blue shadow and red lipstick. A nice dusting of purple eye shadow on my face and neck was the last step.