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Cool Shower Loofah Halloween Costume

This year was kind of crazy for me. Being that I am an “adult” now, I was over the whole sexy costumes that every girl in college wore. I decided to be something that was basic but easy and that I could still be sexy but sexy-ute. I talked to a friend and decided the shower loofah Halloween costume was a great idea.

I used a short mini dress that I bought and went to a fabric store to grab some tulle. It took me about and 30 minutes to make the whole thing. I just wrapped the tulle around the front and stapled it to the dress. I bought the handle for $5 from Kmart and whala! I am a shower loofah.

The whole costume cost $25. Even if I don’t win I think its a fun costume that’s cheap and easy but doesn’t make me look cheap or easy. Good luck finding the best out there! Can’t wait to see all the entries.

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