Coolest Mother Nature Costume

I’m a mom, and what sort of costume fits best to us moms, but Mother Nature?! This was a super easy costume to throw together.

I used a burgundy colored “fairy” costume, made of a sheer fabric, and tied it back with a burgundy/silver ribbon. I found silver sandals at the thrift store for a couple bucks to match the ribbon. Underneath, I wore a pair of black pants and a black shirt, and I topped it off with a harvest-colored floral arrangement, meant to go around a pillar candle. I simply attached the floral arrangement to my hair with bobby pins, and I became “Mother Nature”.

The fairy costume worked perfectly because it was sheer enough to flow with the wind.

Total cost – $25

5 thoughts on “Coolest Mother Nature Costume”

  1. Thanks a lot for showing this outfit. I am going to do this for my Halloween costume, but I am not actually a mother. I’m ten yrs old, so it wont be exactly the same. I was thinking that I could use one of my baby dolls so it looks like I am a real mother.

  2. Where can you find that type of fairy costume? Most that I see are expensive and short and revealing… Love the costume!

  3. I love it!!! I want to be mother nature too, so i’m getting ideas. I think this one is best, for us moms don’t have a lot of time. My 8 year old and 3 year old daughter never give me time. Thank you.

  4. it was a nice costume, i’m gonna try it out, maybe not with the same colors. i always imagines mother nature as a very green person,

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