Coolest Electrocuted Ben Franklin Costume

Homemade Electrocuted Ben Franklin Costume

Ever wondered what Ben Franklin looked like after he was flying that kite with the key, and got struck by lightning? No problem, here he is! We sewed a costume to look like Ben Franklin, all the materials and pattern were purchased at a local fabric store (don’t forget to use those coupons!). Simply add … Read more

Coolest Organ Grinder Monkey Costume

Organ Grinder Monkey Costume

We purchased material and pattern at a local fabric store to make this organ grinder monkey costume. Fortunately for us, Grandma is a great seamstress! Add a red vest and red hat (created with cardboard to keep the round shape) out of felt, add a little, unbreakable mug, and you have the cutest organ grinder … Read more

Coolest Mother Nature Costume

Homemade Mother Nature Costume

I’m a mom, and what sort of costume fits best to us moms, but Mother Nature?! This was a super easy costume to throw together. I used a burgundy colored “fairy” costume, made of a sheer fabric, and tied it back with a burgundy/silver ribbon. I found silver sandals at the thrift store for a … Read more

Easy DIY Hulk Hogan Costume

Hulk Hogan Costume

My son (and I!) love Hulk Hogan, and I purchased a Hulkamania shirt online for his birthday. Later, we found a padded muscles costume at the Goodwill, and decided to have a little fun and turn him into Hulk Hogan for Halloween. We purchased a flames bandanna, a boa from the dollar store, gold sunglasses, … Read more