Ever wondered what Ben Franklin looked like after he was flying that kite with the key, and got struck by lightning? No problem, here he is!

We sewed a costume to look like Ben Franklin, all the materials and pattern were purchased at a local fabric store (don’t forget to use those coupons!). Simply add a plain white t-shirt underneath, then add a neckcloth. We used pleated fabric with a strap that Velcroed on the back for the neckcloth, and fancy ribbon/buttons to dress up the jacket.

As for the hair, we purchased a Ben Franklin hair/glasses kit at a local costume store for about $15. Add tall black socks, and girly black-heeled shoes. You have to add a kite, so we used a box to make a kite out of cardboard, then attached yarn with a large brass key (also found at a local Nobbies, in the sherrif’s department).

As for the hair, rat it up with a comb to give that electrocuted effect. Then use dark charcoal gray/black eyeshadow to add several black smudge marks to the hair and face to make the appearance that Ben was electrocuted when the lightning struck his kite.

This is a hit with the adults and the kids! Everyone seemed to remember the “story” of Ben Franklin, and recognized this costume’s intentions right away!

Total Cost – $35