Cool Loofah Costume Idea

Well, basically I was searching frantically and wanted something that was somewhat original, and yet still looks hot. I got millions of comments, thousands of pictures with random people and won 2 contests. Here’s what I did for my loofah costume.

30 yards of cheap netting.
3 yards or decorative cord for a loofah string
10 yards of cord (to gather it all)
(tons) of safety pins.
about 6 hours of gathering and pinning.

I gathered strips of folded netting into bunches. Then pinned the bunches around a tank top. I did that about 8 times to the front and 8 to the back.

Slip on some cute leggings (mini skirt if your leggings are see-through)
-A pair of heels
-Fake eye lashes
-LOTS of glitter

(not pictured I carried a loofah stick like a wand, and bubbles.)

Make sure to have a smile and be careful you don’t poke yourself!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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