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Coolest Juicy Fruit Costume

My costume is of the Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Everything that I bought was either from Wal-mart or Micheal’s craft store and the dress I used was just something I had. First I dyed the dress yellow using clothing dye from Micheal’s then after it dried I started to construct the dress. All you have to do is take the pack of gum as a guide line and cut out red felt for the red pieces and I bought letters from Wal-mart and some craft glue and glued the letters and felt on the dress that way. I did have to make and paint some of the letters. All of the juicy fruit letters are made out of blue foam and the Wrigley’s is just the white letters that I bought but painted red.

The silver on top is the shiny type ribbon you can find at Wal-mart also in the sewing area. It took lots of hours and hard work getting everything to look perfect by me and my sister but in the end I’m very happy with it. Everyone always thinks I bought it because of how good it looks. Hope you enjoy :)

Juicy Fruit Costume

Juicy Fruit Costume

Juicy Fruit Costume

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  1. Do you remember where you got the dress from? I really want to do this but can’t seem to find a plain white or yellow dress like that anywhere?!


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