Bringing Back the 90s with a Fruit Stripe Gum Costume

Bringing Back the 90s with a Fruit Stripe Gum Costume

I love anything DIY and especially love making my Halloween costumes! I also love to thrift shop! June 2014- One Saturday during the summer, a friend and I both had off (We never get weekends off) and decided to go out for lunch and then hit up a Goodwill that was next door. It was … Read more

Last Minute Double Bubble Gum Costume

Last Minute Double Bubble Gum Costume

The hardest part of this last minute Double Bubble Gum costume was the simple-iron on label on the front and back of the shirt  (and by the hardest, I mean this outfit was so simple to put together). The rest was very simple. I bought the skirt, shirt, and tank all for under $30. The bracelets … Read more

Coolest Juicy Fruit Costume

Juicy Fruit Costume

My costume is of the Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Everything that I bought was either from Wal-mart or Micheal’s craft store and the dress I used was just something I had. First I dyed the dress yellow using clothing dye from Micheal’s then after it dried I started to construct the dress. All you have … Read more

Coolest Dentyne Ice Halloween Costume

Homemade Dentyne Ice Halloween Costume

I was looking around my room for a costume idea, and I saw a pack of Dentyne Ice on my desk. I picked it up and looked at it, and then I called my dad. My dad works at a place that makes billboards and signs, and he’s artsy. We discussed how we would create … Read more

Coolest Homemade Orbit Girl Costume

Homemade Orbit Girl Costume

I needed a creative, but easy to make costume for my work party and decided to go with the Orbit Girl. You know… “Fabulous, Orbit cleans another dirty mouth” and “Dirty mouth, clean it up”… all in the English accent of course. I owned the white romper already but you could use any type of … Read more