Coolest Dentyne Ice Halloween Costume

I was looking around my room for a costume idea, and I saw a pack of Dentyne Ice on my desk. I picked it up and looked at it, and then I called my dad. My dad works at a place that makes billboards and signs, and he’s artsy. We discussed how we would create a huge pack of Dentyne ice that I could wear for Halloween.

My dad printed the image onto a thick, sturdy white cardboard. He printed the front, back, and side images. The dimensions of the costume are 30”x40”x10”.

For the back part, with the 3 gum pieces, we got a silver poster board, glued thick white poster board pieces on it and covered those with clear plastic molding containers that we bought from Hobby Lobby. We glued the silver poster board to the back inside of the Dentyne ice box. We made straps out of sturdy Velcro for the inside of the box, and we cut out arm holes on the sides. The costume was huge, but it was considerably comfortable and light. I put 3M hooks in the inside of the box to hold my camera and other stuff, and that worked out great.

On Halloween, I went downtown to walk around and look at costumes, and everybody kept stopping me to take a pictures. I even had a couple packs of gum hidden inside my box for anyone that asked for a piece. It was loads of fun.

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