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Awesome Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume

This is the example of my Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume. I worked really hard on it and in total, I spent probably around $100 on it.

The fur came from a craft store in their fabric section. This was the most difficult part of my costume. No one had good brown fur until I had to specially order it from the store. I sewed the arms and chest together as though it were a t-shirt. For the legs, they are sewn together and then stitched onto some tight pajama pants.

The jersey was made by a local silk screen place. They nailed it. It is literally the same font for Beavers and 42 as it is in the movie. I couldn’t find a yellow headband, so the one I am wearing is a white one with an attempt of yellow dye.

My wig and beard are a modified “caveman” set that I found from a Halloween costume store. And that is all I have for you.

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