Cool DIY Teen Wolf Costume

For the facial hair of this Homemade Teen Wolf Costume, I bought a caveman wig off For the arms and legs I bought a couple of yards of fake fur from the Fabric Depot. My girlfriend sewed them into leg and arm sections that I could wear and then sewed the legs to my underwear and the arms to a throwaway undershirt.

I lucked into finding a pair yellow short sand a white jersey at a second hand store. I bought some fabric dye and dyed the jersey yellow then looked at a picture of the font on the jersey online as I traced it freehand with a pencil then filled it in with a marker.

Bought some werewolf nails and the double sided tape they came with was worthless so I super glued them on, which wasn’t that big of a deal getting off later using nail polish mover.

Put some brown make up on my face and called it good. My only regrets is that I didn’t have any 80’s style socks with the stripes and bought the $2.99 werewolf teeth instead of the good ones which I didn’t even bother using because they make it impossible to eat, talk or drink.

Not sure why everyone else uses yellow sweatbands because it’s not in the movie.

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

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