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Greatest Homemade Teen Wolf Costume Ever

I bought 2 Viking wigs from eBay and cut one up and glued it to a black long sleeved top and black tights with clear silicone. I also glues some of the hair to the inside of the shorts so it would hang down a bit as well. I bought the beavers kit off eBay along with tube socks and sweat bands. I used fake fangs which are good for photos but hard to talk with. I used black and brown makeup for my face and werewolf gloves from eBay. It was our first Halloween party (Australian) and I won the best costume award. Everybody loved it and thought that I was actually Michael J Fox. Was cheap to make, only expense really was the beavers top. Make sure you make it early in case you have dramas with the silicone drying etc. You can’t go wrong with Teen Wolf, it was a howl! Awoooooooo!!!!!!

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