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Below is my original report for the first (and only) time I ever wore my Teenwolf costume. Well, until Let’s Rock Bristol 80’s Festival 2017 came around. I attended two years previously in typical 80’s clothing (denim shorts, Sam Fox T-shirt, neon socks and wristbands and an actual mustache!) but was amazed at all the real fancy dress costumes on display. I promised myself there and then that if I ever went again I would dust off the old Teenwolf costume. So I did. Everything below was re-used. I upgraded the white socks to yellow socks (even though not movie-canon but they do look better) and wore white trainers (sneakers). I glued on finger nails (which were a nightmare) which I had coloured brown (but looked red).

Then, I gave the costume a trim, which looked better on the ‘beard’ but maybe took too much off the arms. Not that it mattered. Whereas the original time I wore the costume was at a private party with work colleagues (many of whom didn’t know who I was supposed to be – I KNOW!!!), this time was I wore it to an 80’s music festival which had thousands of spectators. I was a superstar. For the first time time (and probably last time) I was a celebrity. I had so many requests for photos and so many compliments, it made everything worth it. Even got compliments from Stormtroopers and Boba Fett. Doesn’t get much better than that. I was also got my photo in the local newspaper’s website (Bristoll Post) and appeared (briefly) on the official Let’s Rock Bristol 2017 video.

Original Teenwolf Costume

It was a friend’s 80’s birthday party and there was one only one person I was going as. I already owned the basketball costume as my wonderful wife had bought it for me as a Christmas present. The rest of the costume faced a bigger problem, especially being a perfectionist. I decided I wanted real hair and knew wigs would be the best best option, although very expensive.

I went to my local Mall and it must have been my lucky day. The first shop I visited (Claire’s) had wigs but they were £12 each. I decided to look around for a cheaper but wasn’t holding out much hope. No luck. I talked my wife into believing that I needed these big time but she wasn’t buying it. When we returned to Claire’s I saw a woman with all the wigs in her basket and thought I’d lost my chance. Incredibly, she worked at the shop and was taking them to re-sticker them. I got them for 5 for £5.

Costume Materials

Beavers basketball costume (bought online from USA)
Teeth (bought from online Joke shop)
White socks (sports shop)
Yellow arm bands and head band (Online sport shop)
Wigs (somehow 5 for £5)
Black Lycra top
Old pair of pants
Face paint
Face glue
Orange basketball


I cut one of the wigs to look like Teenwolf’s hair. The headband kept it in place. A-Level Art gave me an advantage in painting my face. I glued on hair cut off one of the wigs to my cheeks. Vampire teeth finished off the effect.


I bought a black Lycra top and sewed on wig hair over the shoulders, round the body and down the arms. The Beavers vest went over this.


I got an old pair of boxer shorts and sewed on a wig onto each leg (with a hole made through the top of each wig).

Do this whilst watching Teenwolf on DVD and you’ll end up getting a keg of beer and having the time of your life!

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