Cool Teen Wolf Costume

Teen Wolf’s an 80’s classic. Right off the bat, I thought of the video box cover, with Michael J. Fox holding up his denim sleeved shirt with a “Teen Wolf” shirt under it. I used a combination of that image along with the colors of his “Beacontown Beavers” varsity jacket for my costume.

The jeans and shirts were from a Thrift store. I did the best I could in handwriting Teen Wolf, complete with mock little drawing of the wolf part with markers. The jacket’s an old boys sized Starter parka with the front cut open and fastened to the inner sides of the jacket.

A female brown wig was what I liked the most and decided to cut strands of it and tape them to my wrists for added hairy effect. Also bought a basketball, but its not in this pic.


….and these.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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