Coolest "The Mask" Costume

Jim Carrey was my hero in the Mask. I wanted to pay homage to that film this year, which is why I started out with a white Ghoul ‘s mask from a Halloween store. I cut the mouth part out so my lips could be exposed, which I would later coat in black lipstick. The … Read more

Cool Teen Wolf Costume

Teen Wolf’s an 80’s classic. Right off the bat, I thought of the video box cover, with Michael J. Fox holding up his denim sleeved shirt with a “Teen Wolf” shirt under it. I used a combination of that image along with the colors of his “Beacontown Beavers” varsity jacket for my costume. The jeans … Read more

Coolest Homemade Krusty the Clown Halloween Costume

Homemade Krusty the Clown Halloween Costume

This is a Homemade Krusty the Clown Halloween Costume from The Simpsons. For Krusty, I drew immediate inspiration. The biggest challenge for me was, of course, emulating that zany hair. How I did it(from head down): I cut up a long, wool-like, aqua-green scarf from Walgreens into two pieces. I then filled each end with … Read more

Coolest Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea

Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea

For Halloween, I channeled the ringleader of the Purple Cobras–the most dangerous dodgeball entity known to man! How I made this Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea: With the hair, finding any wig that even remotely resembled Ben Stiller’s in Dodgeball proved unsuccessful. I compromised by cropping a mullet wig with curls on top, and fluffed … Read more