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Coolest Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea

For Halloween, I channeled the ringleader of the Purple Cobras–the most dangerous dodgeball entity known to man!

How I made this Homemade White Goodman Costume Idea:

With the hair, finding any wig that even remotely resembled Ben Stiller’s in Dodgeball proved unsuccessful. I compromised by cropping a mullet wig with curls on top, and fluffed it out a bit.

A Fu Manchu mustache accented the smudge of black grease makeup I thumbed under my bottom lip to resemble that little facial hair White has there.

The headband was actually an old black necktie, that I taped a purple “mini Purple Cobra logo” onto. It was made out of a sheet of foam, the type you’d get for 60 cents at AC Moore.

Knee pads from a dollar store were used to emulate shoulder pads, but as you could tell they weren’t made for shoulders. I still liked the way they looked anyways, so I kept ’em.

The actual Purple Cobra logo was one I had drawn into a sheet of violet foam with a pencil. Using White out and a permanent marker I tried to draw it over the pencil marking as accurate as I could to the one in the movie. It was taped on a “shield-cut” cover of a Mead file holder that I punched holes around and pinned into my shirt.

Rounding out the costume were the armband-which was a cut out arm piece of a baby’s t-shirt I got at the dollar bin at Target. I found the left “bracelet”, which was just a round Velcro fastener.

Finding a dodgeball is not as easy as it sounds, but they sell them at Play it Again Sports for five bucks.

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