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Coolest White Goodman Dodgeball Costume

I’ve always been a big fan of this movie so this year I decided to go all out and make my own white Goodman Dodgeball costume.  I used lacrosse shoulder pads for the chest protector and arm and shoulder pieces.  I used a purple spandex shirt, and half sleeve.  For the pants I used an old pair of black football pants.

The belt is just a weight lifting belt with a “g” that I printed off and laminated and secured with Velcro tape.  I bought a regular wig from a costume store and feathered it.  Then I used plain black headband with a purple cobra logo I printed and laminated.  The cobra shield on my chest I went to a local decal shop and had them print and cut it out on hard plastic. I then fastened it to my chest with Velcro tape.

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