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Cool White Goodman Dodgeball Costume

So I decided to be White Goodman from the movie ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ for Halloween. I thought it would be funny.

Creating the White Goodman Costume

The first thing I bought was a kids pair of lacrosse shoulder pads.  I couldn’t find an all black pair so I got one that was originally black outlined in silver with the shoulder caps also silver. Since Goodman’s pads were all black I spray painted the plastic shoulder caps and let them dry overnight.  The remaining silver I colored with permanent black marker.

I then bought a heating pad belt and Velcroed it in the front. I took the pad out and it looked just like a thick belt like the one he wore. Then I bought a long sleeve purple Under Armour shirt with the mock style neck so you could see the UA on the neck sticking out from the lacrosse pads when I put them on.

I cut the sleeves to make them short. I used one of the sleeves I cut off to wear on my forearm like White had in the movie.  It went from my elbow to my wrist.  I then bought a pair of long Under Armour tights, a pair of knee pads, long purple socks, and a black wristband (all from Dicks).  I already owned a pair of high black boots that went perfectly with the costume.

For the wig, I bought a brown “Leading Man” wig which pretty much was perfect for Goodman’s hair.  I then got a brown Rubie’s brand handle bar mustache.  I actually bought two and cut one of them to make the little piece of hair for under my lip.

I went to a fabric store and bought a sheet of purple nylon-like material to cut out the pieces of purple that went on the thighs of the black tights. I also bought purple ribbon about 2 inches thick to use for the headband.

I then went to a T-shirt shop and had the guy make me a shirt with the purple cobra symbol and a purple G on it. From there I cut out both symbols and had someone sew the cobra onto the chest of the lacrosse pads and the G was sewn on the front part of the belt. I also had the person sew the purple stripes onto the thighs of the pants.  It was go-time from there!

A group of us went out in costume and made two stops.  One at a benefit being held at some hall (I can’t remember the name) where I won first place for ‘Best Costume’.  From there we changed locations and went to a bar/club that was also having a Halloween party that night, and I won first place again. Two first place finishes in the same night! All in all the costume turned out great and people still always compliment me on the time I was White Goodman.

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