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Coolest Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

“Give Me A Keg Of Beer!!!” I turned 30 in Sep. 2010 and decided to throw a big ol’ 80s famous fancy dress party to celebrate. It was an easy choice of character for me as I’ve wanted to be Teen Wolf since I first saw the movie back in the 80s.

Hunting out the parts of the homemade Teen Wolf costume was fun and somewhat challenging, yellow vests and shorts aren’t really in fashion at the moment!

Here’s a breakdown of the costume:

The wig – for this eBay always seemed the best starting point. After searching for a good while I can across an awesome ‘Caveman Wig’ which could be easily adapted. I simply cut off the tash and removed the mini bones and plats from the hair. The wig came with a separate beard in the same colour which I was able to wear under my chin to give me a hairier look!

The Vest – this was a little more difficult and after searching for ages online and ordering several items that were totally wrong I stumbled across the perfect item – A yellow vest with black piping around the sleeves and neck. I couldn’t believe my luck as it was brand new and only cost £1.00 from a hideous clothes store in a seaside town in England. Luckily for me I run a t-shirt printing business so was able to print the Beavers logo, numbers and even a cheeky little Adidas logo to finish it off.

The Shorts – after again struggling for ages to fins a pair that were not only plain but the same colour as the vest I decided the only option was to use a t-shirt that was the same colour, cut it up and use fabric glue to apply it to an old pair of swimming shorts. Again I finished it off with some stripes and the little emblem for that authentic look.

The Hair – for the hair I was lucky enough to find a fabric supplier in the UK that sold the exact same colour fur material as the wig. I simply cut it to size, stitch the material into sausages and then stitch them to a pair of boxer shorts. The legs were then stuffed into a pair of white sports socks.

For the arms I decided that full length sleeves would make me too hot therefore I decided to stitch more fur material into the vest so that it stuck out of the neck and sides allowing me to remain a little cooler.

Accessories – to finish off the outfit I purchased a set of sweatbands and a matching headband and attached more fur around the wrists.
I also carried a miniature Spalding Basketball.

The homemade Teen Wolf costume went down really well with everyone at the party and I can’t wait to use it again this Halloween!

To top it all off my dad came to the party as Teen Wolf’s dad!

Homemade Teen Wolf  Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf  Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf  Costume

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