Coolest Homemade Jack and the Beanstalk Costume

Ethan age 9 is Jack and the beanstalk. We used 2 pieces of round Styrofoam for the beanstalk that I glued together, then I wrapped it with green material I had gotten at a fabric store. We got a leaf vine and glued that to the stalk, giving it the vine look. This completed our beanstalk.

We used Styrofoam to make a cloud-like shape and glued pillow stuffing all over. We cut a hole in the middle of the cloud for his body, just enough to fit tightly on his hips and another hole for the stalk, giving the illusion of going through the clouds. I purchased wooden coins and Styrofoam eggs, then the eggs had to be cut in half the long way.

We spray pained both the coins and eggs gold. Then we glued the coins and eggs to the outside of a backpack to carry over his shoulder. For his outfit we cut off a pair off jeans, got a flannel shirt, brown hat, and he has long brown socks and work boots on. We completed the Homemade Jack and the Beanstalk Costume with a little mud from outside to put on his face.

Ethan’s costume was a great hit with everyone.

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