Coolest Homemade Eve Sexy Halloween Costume

For this homemade Eve sexy Halloween costume, I started a week before Halloween. I did not like any of the Eve costumes I found online or in stores so I decided I would make my own.

For the top: I took a bra that I had a few of, nude in color. I picked some foliage at the local craft store. I plucked the leaves off the vine and started gluing them onto the bra. Once it was completely covered, then I glued more on in a design aspect to make it look nice and neat.

For the bottom: The bottom was a bit more challenging than the top. I took a pillowcase, cut it down the seam. I held it up to my waist and cut it to the length I wanted. I took some small rope I bought at a craft store and hot glued it to the inside waistline of the pillowcase, I left about 7 inches of excess on the ends. I folded a little bit of the pillowcase over the rope so it wouldn’t rub against my skin when I put it on. Then I started gluing more leaves on the pillowcase just as I did with the top.

Once the leaves were all glued, finding a way to attach it was the hard part. I sewed a button to the inside of the pillowcase where the ends would meet. On the opposite end I poked a hole, attached a fashion eyelet and tied some thin rope through it. Then I just hooked the rope over the button so it would stay around my waist. I then took a vine with smaller leaves hooked it on the side of my new leafy skirt, wrapped it around my stomach and hooked it onto the strap of my bra.

Accessories: I got a fake apple from the craft store. I also bought my shoes from the thrift store for 6 dollars. Flower earrings. I took a fake leaf and hot glued it to the top of a bobby pin and pinned it in my hair.

Homemade Eve Sexy Halloween Costume

Homemade Eve Sexy Halloween Costume

Homemade Eve Sexy Halloween Costume

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