This sexy homemade Eve of the Garden Halloween costume in total costed me around $30 to make, and costed my hours and hours of time and hot glue burns! But, if I do say so myself, it was well worth the trouble! So I started out with a plain colored bra, (doesn’t have to be green necessarily because its going to be fully covered in leaves), then I went to the craft store and found the leaves I wanted, (I didn’t use any of the Ivy leaves, I wanted it to look more realistic so I chose a simple leaf).

I then sorted the leaves into life sizes, (the smallest leaves were used to cover the straps of the bra as well as the under wire lining, the largest and medium sizes ones were used for the center of the bra and back strap). I layered and hand hot glued each and every leaf to the bra making sure to cover every inch. I tried to keep it consistent as far as ‘like’ leaves on each of the sides (I’m a perfectionist).

The skirt is make up completely of leaves. What I did was take a thick sturdy ribbon, measured my waist and cut it to size, leaving enough ribbon so that the skirt is actually adjustable. I then started from the ribbon and glued leaves all around, again using like size leaves. In the end you get an adjustable tie skirt. I tied mine on the side by my hip so it created a slight slit in the skirt. Don’t forget your apple (which I tied to a string that I fashioned around my wrist so I didn’t have to actually be holding it all night). I used left over small leaves to make a simple wrist band and lastly I got tiny fake flowers and hot glued each to baby hair clips and stuck them throughout my hair.

AND DONE! Authentic Eve costume that everyone will be asking to borrow for next year!