Halloween was approaching fast, and I had waited to the last min (AS ALWAYS) to get a costume or put one together. My boyfriend decided he wanted to do a couple of thing this year and we started putting ideas together, such as cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, etc. and we ended up doing a Homemade Eve Last Minute Halloween Costume.

I went to a fabric store and bought a couple of yards of leafy green fabric, fake leaves and green glitter. I went home and found an old bathing suit top O never wore and proceeded to pin the fabric all around it with safety pins until the fabric was covered. Afterwards, I began to line the border with face leaves. I used the remainder of the fabric and leaves to make myself a skirt. I topped it off my putting dabs of green glitter on my face and wrapped a snake around me.

My boyfriend got a little shy towards the end and wanted to back out, so in the end he ended up going shirtless and I let him wear the snake so he had something. But, I was VERY proud of my EVE costume and more excited than ever to rock it and wear it on Halloween!! I love my costume!