Coolest Eve DIY Costume

I wanted and needed a costume that would keep me warm, be easy to move around in, and would be playful and sexy but not too revealing. Found a nude bodysuit online for only $21, bought a cheap wig, found the apple and the snake at a thrift store, and was able to have a great Homemade Eve Costume for only $35.

I used greenery from my home decorations (seriously) and cut off the leaves and a “vine” to wrap around my waist. I sewed on the leaves, as I wanted to be able to remove them if I should ever need the bodysuit for another costume! I pinned the snake to myself and attached the apple with florist wire so I wouldn’t have to carry any props around all night. I used a little of my bronzer and eye shadow to lightly brush on a belly button and a tummy.

Homemade Eve Costume

Homemade Eve Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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