Coolest Eve Halloween Costume

This is a tasteful version of an Eve Halloween costume. It includes floral headpiece, apple, snake and costume.

It has 4 different kind of leaves on it and 4 bags of green rhinestone leaves all over it to give it sparkle. This was inspired by a few Britney videos.

The flesh colored body suite I used I put rhinestones all over it liked how she had it in the Toxix video and who can forget the MTV Awards show when she did a jungle theme?

I took the two ideas in making an Eve costume.

Flesh colored body suite around $17
Rhinestones 1.77 per bag at Walmart
Leaves $1 a bunch at Walmart
Green thread, had
Flowers for headband $1 a bunch
Huge leaf for front cover About 4 a leaf at Walmart
Headband $4
Huge rubber snake $14.99 at a Costume store

Adam and Eve Costume

Adam and Eve Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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